We are a leader in real estate investing. We seek to utilize our global expertise to generate attractive returns for our investors in any given environment while making a positive impact on the communities in which we invest.


Newport Real Estate Partners is a leading real estate investment management firm headquartered in Newport Beach, California. The firm focuses on value-added and opportunistic real estate strategies through equity and debt investments where complexity, underwriting expertise, and hands-on asset management provide the opportunity to generate superior returns for investors. Our firm is founded by seasoned real estate operators and investment professionals with extensive experience in real estate development and operations, project and investment management, and real estate private equity.

NREP’s team structure reflects our belief that successful real estate investing across cycles requires a local market presence, granular asset-level knowledge, and expertise in operating as well as underwriting. Our team has underwritten billions in real estate transactions through multiple cycles, providing us with the experience to identify risk-adjusted opportunities while prioritizing principal preservation. The firm’s dedicated in-house investment professionals work on structuring, monitoring, and managing each project from initial investment through exit. Integration with the broader Newport Private Group provides additional perspective on global economic factors that affect various industries, asset classes, and businesses.